To help you plan your move there are a number of things to consider before you move.

Make a Plan of Your Home

Draw a layout of your new home and mark up the rooms so that you can show your moving team ahead of delivery.

Packing and Unpacking

If you have decided to self-pack then use strong enough containers and ensure they are not overfilled. Packing and wrapping materials can be bought direct from Economic Moves

Dismantle Furniture

Be sure to dismantle self-assembly furniture, take down all curtains, fixtures and fittings prior to the arrival of your moving team.

Attics and Lofts

Ensure all items that are in your loft are sorted and placed in an accessible room. Your moving team will not be permitted into your attic unless it is well illuminated, boarded and there is a safe point of entry.

Important Documents

Place all your important documents in a folder and separate from your household goods. Plan to carry these with you when you travel.

Cookers, Washing Machines and Fridges & Freezers

These should all be disconnected, cleaned, drained and dried prior to the arrival of your moving team. To avoid damage, the drums of automatic washing machines must be secured with the proper brackets supplied by the manufacturer.


Clothing can remain on hangers as Economic Moves will provide special wardrobe cartons for packing and moving. Generally chests of drawers containing clothes can be moved full.

Bedding & Linen

If Economic Moves is packing for you, strip the beds and fold your linen in preparation for packing

Stereo System, DVD/Video Players and Computer Equipment

This equipment is best moved in its original packaging.

China, Glass, Ornaments and Books

These can be left in cupboards and shelves ready for our moving team to pack (if this has already been included in your quotation).


Prior to packing, tighten all lids of jars and screw tops of bottles. Remember that food items cannot be taken into store.

Contents of Garages and Garden Sheds

These should be organised well in advance, and tools must be cleaned, tied together and any rubbish should be discarded.

Flammable products cannot be moved as this will invalidate your insurance.


Access to and from the doorway of your home is critical for our vehicles.

Explain to neighbours in advance that a large removal vehicle will be parked outside your home and prepare them for any inconvenience.

Long-Term Storage

Extra steps need to be taken with domestic appliances, which will be stored in excess of three months. Washing machines and dishwashers must be completely drained of surplus water as damp, mildew and seizure of component parts can take place when these appliances are not used for a considerable length of time.

Personal Effects

Mark up a box with ‘Do Not Remove’. Put personal effects and miscellaneous items, which you will need immediately upon arrival, in a carton and leave it as one of the final items you place in your car.

Moving your Plants

Wrapping your plants in newspaper protects them from draughts and stops the leaves from being bruised. Once in your new home place them in a warm space and do not unwrap them until all moving activity has come to a conclusion. In summer it is advisable not to leave your plants in a hot car or in the sun.