Step 1

The first thing you will want to know is how much your move is going to cost. When you call Economic Moves we will arrange for a move consultant to visit you to assess your requirements and provide you with an estimate.

For all moves we appoint a personal move coordinator who is your main contact throughout the entire moving process.

Step 2

We recommend that a move coordinator visits your home in order to get a clear understanding of your requirements and to provide you with an accurate quotation for your move. The visit on average takes no longer than an hour. During the visit you can discuss wrapping and packing requirements and any other concerns you may have. It’s always useful to give as much information as possible during this visit.

Step 3

Following your survey you will be sent a quotation and acceptance form and an Economic Moves Move Plan. Your Move Plan will contain all of the details relating to your move. It is important that you check that the move plan is correct and that no changes have occurred since your move consultant’s visit.

Step 4

Once you are satisfied with your quotation and move plan, you will need to book your move with Economic Moves at your earliest convenience. Bookings are taken all the time so availability may change day-by-day and even by the hour.

We can take payment by debit card, credit card or cheque. Cheques need to be received seven working days in advance of the move to enable clearance.

Step 5

You will have received an acceptance form with your quotation. Check the details on the acceptance form. Sign and date the form confirming the date and time you need to be out of your home and the date and time you will have access to your new home. Finally, post this back to your move co-ordinator together with your cheque or payment details.