We recognise that your goods are valuable to you and that our customers need proper financial protection and peace of mind. For this reason we offer insurance designed specifically for moving.

What insurances are available?

Economic Moves offers a range of insurance.

Transit and Storage Insurance

This will cover your goods whilst they are in our care and control and against loss or damage, It provides cover for the property you are moving from, the property you are moving to and against accidental damage caused by our staff, subject to the policy terms and conditions.

Storage Insurance

If all or part of your removal includes going into our storage warehouses then we can offer fire insurance as our transit and storage insurance excludes fire coverage for items in store and is sold separately

The Financial Services Authority

From January 2005 the selling of insurance in the removals industry by removers acting as brokers became regulated and supervised by the Financial Services Authority

It is for this reason we use Basil Fry & Company

The only Insurance Broker in the UK dedicated solely to the provision of insurance for removal and storage contractors

It was founded in 1970 by Basil Fry himself, previously a broker in the city with Removals and Storage experience, who spotted a gap in the market and decided to set up from home.

Basil Fry & Company has been on the Insurance Broker Panel of the British Association of Removers since its foundation. The Association recognises that their specialisation means they are at the forefront of providing insurance and risk management solutions for the removals industry