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How much does a move cost?

It’s always ideal for an Economic Moves Coordinator to visit your home to determine the cost of your move. Our move coordinator will discuss with you to the elements that will determine the price of your move, such as; what you will want to take? What you will want to leave behind? Which of your items will go into store? And. Which items will require fragile packing? It is possible to send you a form that will provide a rough indication of price, but this is only a guide and costs may increase or decrease once the survey takes place.

Can you provide boxes, cartons, tape, wrapping materials and bubble wrap?

Yes! We will provide everything you need to pack up you home or office. If you have any particular items that you want packed specially please let us know.

What payment methods do you accept?

We take Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron and cheques.

Do you only move in Chiswick or Ealing?

No. We move people and businesses from Lands End to John O’Groats … and back again! But mainly from Chiswick, Ealing, Acton, Brentford, Hanwell, Holland Park, Fulham, Notting Hill, Kensington & Chelsea, Kew, Putney, Richmond, to anywhere nationwide.

Can you do a removal on Saturday or Sunday?

Yes we do! We do any type of move, small or large, 7 days a week. We do not charge extra for this service.

How long does a survey take?

For an average sized property (3 Bedrooms), a survey should take approximately 30-45 minutes. This time is spent understanding your requirements, assessing the
volume of your move and answering any questions you may have.

How long will it take to get my quotation?

The average turnaround for a quotation is generally within 48 hours of the survey. However, it may take longer if there is additional information required, such as an access check at your destination. Your move coordinator will agree a time with you to discuss your quotation by telephone.

What is the best time to book a move?

Moves are usually booked between 7-14 days before the expected move is to take place. However, in our peak times this can increase to 14-21 days.

What size are your vehicles?

We have five vehicles ranging from transit vans to traditional removal lorries. We also have a smaller vehicle to accommodate locations with difficult access. The
vehicles have side and rear access for loading purposes.

Who organises access and parking?

It is your responsibility to ensure that there is suitable access for our vehicle at both collection and delivery addresses. If you are unsure about your accessibility it’s best to let your move consultant know so Economic Moves can arrange an alternative access check at your delivery address.

It is also your responsibility to ensure there is adequate parking at both addresses to avoid any delays on the day of the move. It is advisable to contact your local council office to arrange permits or cones for parking if required. Remember to also forewarn your neighbours to ensure they are not inconvenienced.

What happens when the crew arrives at my property?

Your Economic Moves moving team will arrive uniformed and led by a team leader. It is advisable for you to escort the team leader around your property so that he
can plan the operation. Make sure you point out any items that need special care or are fragile and need to be packed in cartons. If you would prefer certain rooms to be packed first, it is advisable you let the team leader know so he can advise his crew accordingly. Any items that are to remain in your property should be identified and placed in another room. Once all your items have been packed, wrapped and loaded, it’s best to inspect your property to ensure that everything has been removed. On completion of the move you will be requested to sign a delivery sheet as confirmation that the move has been concluded to your satisfaction.

Do you provide an unpacking service as standard?

This is not included within our quotation as standard. Economic Moves removal team will assist with unpacking, as time allows, on the removal day. A separate
quotation will be provided if you require a full unpacking service. If your Economic Moves crew is unpacking, your items will be placed onto flat surfaces so you can decide where you will eventually place the items in your new home.

Do you transport pets?

Economic Moves does not move pets within the UK, however, we can provide a contact number for the RSPCA who can provide advice and guidance.

What is the size of your storage containers?

The containers are 7ft x 7ft x 7ft and hold approximately 300 cu.ft.

How are they stored?

They are stored within a secure Warehouse, which is alarmed and linked to the emergency services.

How long can I store my goods for?

You can store your goods for a short period or as long as you require. Storage is charged on a weekly basis and you will receive an invoice/statement every four
weeks depending on your payment option.

How can I pay for storage?

You can pay by Cheque, Credit or Debit Card. A popular option is to pay by direct debit if you are storing for a long period of time.

What items are we not allowed to store?

Flammable items, plants and any open food, such as oils and sauces are not permitted for storage. We also recommend that you refrain from storing jewellery and papers, as this is not covered under Economic Moves’ Insurance policy.